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dylanwiliam I missed the webinar (6 am in the morning…keen but not that keen 🙂 )…lucky they recorded it along with some other interesting ones.

A bit about the centre:

For years, schools worldwide have accelerated learning, improved pedagogy, and encouraged collaboration with teacher learning communities and powerful formative assessment strategies under the guidance of Dr. Dylan Wiliam, the world’s foremost authority on formative assessment. In partnership with Learning Sciences International, Dr. Wiliam and Dylan Wiliam Center staff deliver powerful professional development on Strategic Formative Assessment to teachers and school administrators throughout North America.

Schools report up to an 80% improvement in student engagement and accelerated learning as teachers become more skilled at strategically embedding formative assessment into classroom practice. Watch and listen to this webinar series, which started in 2014, as Dylan Wiliam describes what formative assessment is (and is not), details out the five key strategies, provides dozens of practical techniques, and introduces the Dylan Wiliam Center’s newest line of professional development, Strategic Formative Assessment, which helps teachers move the needle in this ever-changing, standards-based, academically rigorous educational environment.

PowerPoint slides for: How do we know it works? The case for short-cycle formative assessment

Link to Webinars

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