Bringing about change in schools through action research

actionresearch Bassey describes action research as

“an enquiry which is carried out in order to understand, to evaluate and then to change, in order to improve educational practice”

(1998, p. 93)

I have discussed this model when I first came to Payne Road to review the state of play.  It was a way for me to see what was happening and to discuss where you all thought we needed to go.  The Full School Review is also fulfilling a part of that approach by externally reviewing what is happening.  I have had some initial feedback and there were no real surprises.  Basically we need to determine our student needs, your needs, deepen our knowledge, make a plan, implement the plan and see if it is working.  The key concerns at the moment seem to be not the what we are teaching but how and if that is supporting our students needs.  You are a skilled group of professionals and I look forward to working with you all on this challenge.  And hopefully we can make it rewarding and less stressful.


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One thought on “Bringing about change in schools through action research

  1. I believe that the School Review will have some recommendations that we will be able to use in our plan forward. I look forward to the opportunity to work with everyone to plan for our school community.

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