Plain Old Good Teaching

Good-Teaching-Clock-Web-1024x512 From an article by Shaun Killian on the Australian Society of Evidence Based Teaching website:

There are a lot of elaborate theories and vogue words that try to describe what good teaching entails. Sadly, some of them have little, if any grounding in evidence at all. Others do, but they are difficult to carry out and their effects are small.

A teacher has limited time, and this makes your time a valuable commodity. When you choose to spend your time on one thing, there will be other things you end up not doing. Therefore, it is essential that you know what teaching strategies have the most impact on student learning. Collectively, I call these strategies the foundations of good teaching.

MyRead: Strategies for teaching reading in the middle years



MyRead is based on the beliefs that:

Nothing new in this website but thought I would put it out there as it will probably be a hot topic of conversation after our full school review…

3 Reasons Why All Learning is Personal

Personalized learning is something that educators have talked about for a long time, but I am really struggling with the term.  I have talked about the idea and differences between “individualized and personalized” learning before, but really, all learning is personal.

Think about this scenario…

I recently spoke to approximately 200 school leaders (at all levels) over a three day period.  Each group had people in similar positions, but from different schools, programs, etc.. After about 35-40 minutes of talking to each group using the same slides and ideas, I asked them to reflect in a google form about what they wanted to learn and their takeaways.  Although the talk was the same over the three days, their responses were so different from one another. We have to realize that this is the norm, not the exception, but why is it the norm?

Here are three reasons that struck me upon reflection of this experience.


Doesn’t this to apply to all teaching and learning whether it is from the curriculum, delivered in a workshop, or watching it on a YouTube video?

We should focus less on all people learning the same thing, and more on all people learning forward. There is a difference.

From the Innovator’s Mindset blog: