The Future of Schooling

We do lots of planning around the “what” we are going to teach and even the “why” with respect to improving the impact on student learning.  One area that we have yet to address is with respect to the future needs of children.  The impact may not be felt the greatest in primary schools but we need to at least consider the impact at our level.  Lots of Gonski conversation lately and a common theme centres around personalised learning.  I wanted to share a couple of videos about some work in parts of the world to at least get you thinking.  Often when you look at videos on future school you often just seem the same old industrial age model but with lots of new toys.  I think the challenge will be what the work in classes will look like.  I know a few of you dabble with some websites like that offer a personalised pathway to reading comprehension.  Have a look at some of the AltSchool work from the States to see this in action for these schools.  Teams of educators and software engineers working together to develop personalised curriculum.

How can we make this plan work for us to move towards the future:

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