Mathematical Mindsets

A while ago I reviewed some material from the Mathematical Mindsets book by Jo Boaler

I was given an article by my wife and she was very excited about it so I read it.  It felt familiar but it has only just dawned on me that it was a chapter from the book.  What that particular chapter has to say does fly in the face of some of our current practices around sorting kids into groups of like ability for reading.  Teaching is a complex business and I guess the only answer to that problem is that different strategies for different purposes.  I will say this though it does sit closely with my believe that all students should be offered the opportunity to work with kids of all different abilities.  The process of withdrawing children for support or intervention does not really sit well with me and I don’t really believe it is the best practice for a range of reasons.

Anyway I thought I would share some other resources about this book and the topic:

A free course:


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