The PRSS Framework


You can check this out at:

So you are all busily working on elements of our areas of concern from the Full School Review (along with report cards).  I have had a number of conversations with multiple staff about elements of Teaching & Learning and I had come to the realisation that elements of our Pedagogical Framework could also be found in our Teaching & Learning Cycle at:

I was doing some re-arranging of sections on the TeamSite as more information was coming from the different groups and as our leadership team had been discussing other elements of our curriculum.  I thought it would be good to capture this work and have it form our Pedagogical Framework.  Once I started I realised that this wasn’t all about teaching and also reflected other work we do or will do to ensure the students are achieving and that you also feel that your professional learning needs are met…

So, sometime later I have what you will see on the TeamSite in the PRSS Framework section.  It is a work in progress and your ideas are contributing to it’s development.  Again I don’t think it will all magically fall into place because I make a pretty picture…but I am confident we are heading in the right direction.  The rest of the TeamSite reflects these broader sections but they will evolve as we put more elements together.

Once again thanks for all your efforts.

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