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James Anderson is certified by Carol Dweck’s Mindset Works to provide training in developing Growth Mindsets in schools and organisations. This relationship allows James to provide unique and powerful resources, opportunities and training for schools and organisations.

About Mindset Works

Mindset Works’ mission is to enable a world in which people seek and are fulfilled by ongoing learning and growth. The Company translates lessons from leading universities into programs that schools can use to increase student motivation and learning.

imgres-1The Company’s Brainology® program motivates middle school and high school students to take an active role in their own academic development and gives them the tools to succeed. Children learn relevant neuroscience along with study skills, a combination that sparks their passion for learning and increases student achievement. The Mindset Works® EducatorKit is an online course for teachers to learn instructional practices that foster student ownership over their own learning.

These programs are available to students, educators, administrators, parents and anyone interested in learning how to improve their intelligence and abilities and are available through James Anderson in Australia and New Zealand.

References and Credits

The foundational references for Mindset Works are:

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Dweck, C. S. (2006). Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. New York: Random House.

The Mindset Works icons and resources used throughout this site are used with permission from Mindset Works.

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Mindset Works provides a range of products, services, and other resources. Please visit their website today.



Mindset Works


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