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During the Full School Review a number of recommendations were made with respect to curriculum.  As you know these recommendations came from your feedback and also a review of documents we had at the school.  One particular reference was made to the Pedagogical Framework:

“Collaboratively review the school’s pedagogical framework and establish clearly understood expectations in relation to school-wide pedagogical practices.”

PRSS Full School Review 2016 – Effective Pedagogy Practices Improvement Strategies

I have heard on good authority that the process of reviewing the framework has happened every year with every new Principal and I didn’t want to put you all through that again, particularly if there would be no practical document or process developed from this review.  I thought I would give you some of the background and requirements from the department around Pedagogical Frameworks.  There is a bit of research material as well.  Like a lot of schools Payne Road has chosen a variation of the Dimensions of Teaching & Learning.  A number of documents have been created that outline what that means and I believe you have been through a process where you looked at elements of this draft document:

It is pretty comprehensive and in depth.  I summarised the elements in the diagram above (because you know I like pictures) and I think that I would try and build something that spells out the elements and simplify where you go to find out more information.  I think it is also important to align it with work that you have all been doing in the various PLCs and working parties.  I think this is something that I can put together with feedback from groups or individuals without taking up a lot of your valuable time in meetings and outside of school.  Ideally I would like it to be simple to follow and give new Teachers to the school a guide of where to start when organising their class and their professional practice.

Below is the requirements of this document and also some resources:

Expectations from the Department of Education and Training

Schools will implement a research-validated pedagogical framework that:

1.Describes the schools values and beliefs about teaching and learning that respond to the local context and the levels of student achievement;

2.Outlines processes for professional learning and instructional leadership to support consistent whole-school pedagogical practices, to monitor and increase the sustained impact of those practices on every student’s achievement;

3.Details procedures, practices and strategies – for teaching, differentiating, monitoring, assessing, moderating – that reflect school values and support student improvement;

4.Reflects the following core systemic principles:

  • Student-centred planning
  • High expectations
  • Alignment of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Targeted and scaffolded instruction
  • Safe, supportive, connected and inclusive learning environments


Pedagogical Framework – Learning Place

Online Tool for reviewing the different types of frameworks

I don’t think it would be beneficial to change our current model (again perhaps) but to clarify some elements to let you know what that means for your practice.  We have been building elements and I think these would all form parts of this one page document.

If I put my Teacher hat on for 5 minutes I think that if I was new to a school I would want to know these things:

  • What are our planning processes;
  • Is there a consistent or desired approach to delivering the curriculum;
  • What curriculum am I delivering specifically;
  • What data do I collect to support my practice;
  • How do I support the diverse needs of my kids (and who can help me to do that);
  • How do I engage in my own learning to improve my practice

So what am I missing?…Don’t be shy.  If you have some pressing ideas about what this document should contain or what it could do without please respond to this article. Or even if you want to discuss it in some specific format…Your feedback is valuable and we need all perspectives.  If you don’t want to post directly to this blog please feel free to email me.  If the overwhelming response is to have more time to discuss in a staff meeting I can make that time happen.

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One thought on “Pedagogical Framework @ Payne Road State School

  1. Consistency can be extended to refer to routines e.g.
    -at the beginning of the year each class discusses and negotiates a set of class rules based on the ‘school code of shared values’
    -each classroom displays those rules and the consequences for following/or not
    -Timetables and daily routines are clearly displayed in all classrooms
    -each lesson starts by us completing the statement, ‘Today we are learning about…’

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