Together | Everyone | Achieves | More – The importance of Team Work


Why do we work in teams and what are the benefits of team working?

Good teamwork is essential for high performance in any business or non profit organisation. Certain features of voluntary organisations and charities make developing teamwork even more important. As well as enabling better performance teams can bring other benefits.

Benefits vary depending on the purpose and size of the team but may include some of the following. A team can:

  • apply a mix of skills that go beyond the scope of any one individual
  • solve complex problems that take more than one mind
  • generate new ideas
  • coordinate individual activities towards a common bigger goal
  • provide support and help to  team members
  • give people a sense of belonging
  • enhance communication
  • help people to learn from each other and develop
  • generate commitment.
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2 thoughts on “Together | Everyone | Achieves | More – The importance of Team Work

  1. ‘Together everyone achieves more’ is a wonderful mantra! Hate to bring in the BUT – but it is finding the time to get together to achieve that more. Or maybe it is not so much finding the time (as it can be found,) it is about making a commitment to being there in that time, to work together and achieve that MORE. Here is to TEAM!

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