6 thoughts on “How to promote creativity in the classroom

  1. Like the creative article…not sure that I will set up burning candles during morning tea break though!!
    Thankyou for challenging us to think more creatively with our students…I like this philosophy !!

  2. Praise new ways of looking at things…and praise out-loud so other children realise that it is a good thing to be different.

    I like to get the kids to do a silent “gallery-walk” around each others desks to view everyone’s work, and then we hear from a few people about what they liked about someone else’s work….encourage praising others for doing something unique.

  3. This topic has got me thinking about… thinking about the future.
    In class we are always setting problems with present day applications and investigating problems that we know will exist in the future…but what about the problems or situations that we don’t yet know exist.
    I’m going to trial some “Not a Problem…Yet” sessions. During this time, students will work in groups to consider solutions and skills required to manage future dilemmas. Eg “What if one day, grass just stops growing?” They will also be able to contribute their own questions.
    Please let me know if you have any creative scenarios for 6C to discuss, act out, draw or construct.

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